Thursday, February 7, 2013

No Mail Saturdays Means More Business for Couriers

With the announcement from the US Postal Service that mail will no longer be delivered on Saturdays, many small businesses rejoiced. You see, courier and shipping companies of all sizes have something to gain from the extra business that will spill over from the missing day of postal deliveries.

Smaller, more intimate shipping services are just as fast, reliable, safe, and secure as the larger shipping chains, yet have the flexibility to offer more custom shipping solutions. This can come in handy when you have priority packages, desired shipping schedules, multiple deliveries, or full courier services.

So while many are fretting over the fact that USPS will no longer be stopping by their mailboxes on Saturdays, the majority of us our rejoicing that there are still small-mid level couriers that can offer an alternative to both the USPS, FedEx, and UPS combined.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vaughn, Ontario Math Experts

Contrary to popular belief, even in the age of calculators and phones and tabs and registers that do all of your math for you; now -- more than ever -- it is essential for people to have high math skills. Some of today's best paying jobs in technical and art fields require an advanced knowledge of mathematics, geometry and calculus.

Helping today's youth get prepared for these future high-paying jobs is the duty of skilled Mathnasium tutors. Mathnasium tutors explain the essentials of mathematics to students, and also instill within them a respect and appreciation for those skills.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vaughan Ontario Math Tutor

Are your children struggling to learn and grasp certain concepts in their math studies? 

Are you looking for a tutor to help ensure your child's growth and educational development?

Mathnasium in Vaughan, Ontario is the area's leading math tutoring service. If your child is struggling in math subjects, we will help. Our expert math tutors handle grades 1-12 and each plan is personalized to each student. We offer convenient hours so call today!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hungry Fish

A human finger found inside a fish in Idaho has been traced to a wakeboarder who lost four fingers in an accident months before.

Fisherman Nolan Calvin found the finger while he was cleaning the trout he caught on September 11. He put it on ice and called the sheriff's office in Bonner County, Idaho.
Detectives were able to determine there was sufficient ridge detail to obtain a fingerprint, according to reports. They matched it to a fingerprint card for Hans Galassi, 31, and called him on Tuesday morning.
Investigators learned that Mr Galassi lost four fingers from his left hand in a June 21 accident on the same lake where the fish was caught. The three other fingers have not been recovered.
"The sheriff called me and told me he had a strange story to tell me," Mr Galassi said Tuesday. "He said that a fisherman was out on Priest Lake, and I pretty much knew exactly what he was going to say at that point."
"I was like: Let me guess, they found my fingers in a fish."

The fish was caught about 8 miles away from where Mr Galassi lost his fingers, the sheriff's office said.
Mr Galassi was on a camping trip at the scenic lake when he decided to wakeboard. He told the newspaper his hand got caught in a loop created by slack in the line and he was unable pull it out before the line tightened.
When he finally broke free, he did not feel much pain. But then he looked at his hand.
"I pulled my hand out of the water and it had pretty much lopped off all four fingers," he said. "It was a lot of flesh and bone, not a lot of blood."
He was taken by helicopter to a Spokane hospital.
Mr Galassi has been undergoing therapy twice a week for his injured hand. He still has half of his index and pointer fingers on that hand.
"I can still grip things and grab and hold the steering wheel with it," Galassi said.
The sheriff;s office offered to return the finger, but Mr Galassi declined.
Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Gary Johnston said the agency will keep the digit for a few weeks in case he changes his mind.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Gay Texas councilman's anti-suicide plea to bullied teens goes viral

A city councilman in Fort Worth, Texas, has rocketed into cyberspace prominence in a video pleading with gay teens not to commit suicide and tearfully recounting his own ordeals as a bullied schoolboy.
Councilman Joel Burns made the appeal during a 12-minute speech to the council on Tuesday. The speech was recorded on video and placed on YouTube.
He first told the story of taunted teens who did commit suicide and then told of his own struggles.
"Yes, high school was difficult, coming out was painful, but life got so much better for me," Burns said. "And I want to tell any teen who might see this, give yourself a chance to see how much better life will get, and it will get better. ... Life will get so, so, so much better."
Burns uploaded his speech to YouTube on Wednesday, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. Links were quickly posted on Facebook, the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Gawker and, in England, The Guardian's news blog, the newspaper said.
By Friday evening, the video had received more than 566,000 hits on YouTube, and Burns was being lauded on social networking sites.
The video also won him invitations to national TV appearances Friday on CNN and CBS news shows, the Star-Telegram reported.

Gay Texas councilman's anti-suicide plea to bullied teens goes viral 


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hot off the Press

Technology has bothe become our greatest friend and our most feared enemy. These 3 teens learned this the ahrd way:

"Three teenagers, whose names appeared on a “kill list” posted on Facebook alongside the names of 66 others, have been killed in the past 10 days in a southwestern Colombian town.
The Colombian police are investigating the case, but are unsure who posted the list, or why it contains these particular names.
According to CNN and local media outlets, two killings happened on August 15 — two days before the the list was posted on Facebook warning the people named that they had three days to leave the town of Puerto Asis. At first the police thought the list was a joke, but then a second list with 31 additional names appeared, and a third person on the list was killed on August 20. Another young man was wounded while escaping the attackers.
This prompted the authorities to launch an investigation and post a reward of 5 million pesos (around $2,750) for information about the kill list and the murders.
Gang violence isn’t uncommon in Puerto Asis; according to the authorities, a criminal gang Los Rastrojos as well as a Marxist guerrilla group called the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia are present in the area. However, the use of Facebook to warn the victims, as well as the unknown origin and the purpose of the mysterious list, all make the case highly unusual." ~ Mashable

How's your internet connection speed?